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    "Sound Space Variations" by Zakè

    The moments Between Sounds

    Review von Anne
    12.05.2022 — Lesezeit: 1 min
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    "Sound Space Variations" by Zakè

    Zakè is about to release his new record. "Sound Space Variations" is a delicate and restrained sound bath. A mix of atmospheric, suspenseful drone sounds and meditative aspects. It is an album made for those moments when we just are.

    Zakè has managed to capture the moments that lie between sounds. I am sure you know those unagitated murmurs and atmospheric hisses. The artist connects this in-between-world and our earthly one with calm and sonorous scores, making us think about everything and nothing.

    "Sound Space Variations" – a musical artwork

    The six pieces on the record do not seem heavy-headed or overloaded but much more airy, wide and open for interpretations. They stimulate the imagination – in a wonderfully unbiased way. In the last track, "Bewrayeth", multi-instrumentalist Kévin Séry has a surprise appearance – he has added an excellent guitar accompaniment to the song.

    I definitely recommend you to listen to it – "Sound Space Variations" will be released on Zakè Drone Recordings on June 3rd. In addition to the digital format, there will also be a tape and a CD version.

    James Bernhard mixed and mastered the album, written and produced by drone artist Zakè, at Ambient Mountain House Studio. Zakè himself provided the artwork and photos himself.

    Please check out Zakès Bandcamp page.

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