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    Ukrainian War Refugee Support

    Pelagic Records Releases Sampler To Support Ukrainian War Refugees

    Review von Anne
    14.04.2022 — Lesezeit: 1 min
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    Ukrainian War Refugee Support

    Pelagic Records have made a sampler for the refugees from Ukraine with Mono, Year Of No Light, Bruit, SOM, Årabrot, Psychonaut, Blessings, Nyos, Shy, Low, Enphin, Blessings, Oslo Tapes, Briqueville and Johan G Winther.

    Given the horrific events surrounding the war in Ukraine, the label wants to contribute together with the musicians to support the people who have lost their homes.

    Pelagic asked their artists to create a double-tape sampler of exclusive, unreleased material. It's hand-numbered and limited to 200 copies. So if you want to get your hands on the haptic version, you've got to be quick. You can pre-order the cassettes here.

    All profits will be donated to Ukrainian Refugees

    The tapes with a total of 13 songs is currently in production and will be released on June 3rd. Pelagic will donate 100 per cent of the profits to Be An Angel, e. V. Berlin, an association that cares for people arriving from Ukraine.

    Pelagic would like to thank all artists, as well as Philipp Welsing from Original Mastering (mastering), Benedikt Demmer from Druckwelle Design (artwork), Riso Club Leipzig (risograph printing) and Prepaid Records (dubbing). There are no plans to release the tapes on vinyl yet. However, the press release for the release says: "You should never say never".

    So: Let's help the people from Ukraine arriving in Berlin by buying these tapes!

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