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    "What Shall We Do Now?"

    Thot Release Pink Floyd Cover

    Review von Anne
    18.10.2021 — Lesezeit: 2 min
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    "What Shall We Do Now?"

    When asked about their idols, Thot will always name Pink Floyd. The post-music collective from Belgium just recorded their interpretation of their song "What Shall We Do Now", – and they definitely hit the spot with it.

    Just a few weeks after Grégoire's solo EP, "Live at daFestival", and their splendid 10-year reissue of "Obscured By The Wind", Thot already have another sensation in store for us. Of course, I listened to "What Shall We Do Now" as soon as Grégoire told me about it, and I have to say: I'm excited.

    "Dear Anne, before we unveil our brand new recordings this autumn, we have a surprise for our fans: Here's our version of Pink Floyd's 'What Shall We Do Now?'",

    Thot founder Grégoire wrote to me. Listening to the song left me speechless. The Thot version of the track is quite different from Pink Floyd's original and just as outstanding.

    "What Shall We Do Now" – 4:20 worth listening

    Thot – "What Shall We Do Now?"
    Thot – "What Shall We Do Now?"

    The 4:20 are definitely worth listening to. You can do that from today on. What I like most are the industrial notes that Thot added to the track. They are lifting the song into the year 2021 and, at the same time, reminding us of the lush diversity of a golden music era. Only Grégoire's voice reminds me of the Pink Floyd version – he has set a monument to his idol David Gilmour that shines with respect and dignity.

    "Do tours of the east? Contract diseases?"

    This line of lyrics from the song inspired Gregoire to write the cover version, into which Thot put all their passion and love. He said:

    "In February 2020, I came back from my solo tour of Europe, and I was actually planning to do the same in Asia. A month later, we were all asked to stay at home – the COVID pandemic was suddenly in full swing. It instantly reminded me of this song I first heard when I was at school in the 1990s. The dramatic relevance of Roger Waters' lyrics fascinated me deeply.

    With their version of "What Shall We Do Now?" Thot are announcing their return. They are planning to release various new pieces over the next months – including a collaboration with the great singers of the polyphonic orchestra "The Mystery of The Bulgarian Voices" – be curious! I'll stay in touch with the band and let you know as soon as news comes up!

    Stream "What Shall We Do Now?"

    You can stream the song here.

    Read my interview with Grégoire now

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