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    The Ocean Live In Bremen

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    Beitrag von Anne
    17.03.2021 — Lesezeit: 1 min
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    The Ocean Live In Bremen

    The Ocean are planning to play their sensational album "Phanerozoic I" live in its entirety. The concert will take place in Bremen. The highlight: We can all meet them there! To finally enjoy live music again, you can register now for the online event.

    On Thursday, 25 March at 8 pm CET, The Ocean will be streaming live from Pier2 in Bremen. The concert will also be available on-demand for 48 hours. After that, it's over, and there are no plans for further events of this kind at the moment. So it's totally worth signing up!

    The Ocean live - The first concert of 2021

    The Ocean

    I will definitely not miss out on the fun and am already incredibly excited about my first concert experience in 2021. The Ocean are also looking forward to it:

    "After more than a year of absence from playing music, we're stoked about getting back together to rehearse and perform - even more so because we have a new space which we are currently transforming into our own recording studio. This is the beginning of a new era for us. We’ve battled against the inertia of 2020 with writing a whole bunch of new material, and the result is that we've got two new albums ready to record once the construction work is done."

    That sounds incredibly promising. I'm looking forward to celebrating this good news with The Ocean and putting the Corona tristesse completely out of my mind for at least one evening.

    Register now and experience "Phanerozoic I" live

    Get your ticket now! I'm looking forward to meeting you in the virtual space!

    The purchase of a ticket will also allow you to watch the concert on-demand for 48 HOURS. The Ocean are not planning to make this available online after these 48 hours yet, so don't miss out. If all goes well, they are promising to also do this with "Phanerozoic II" later this year. So please be there! It's totally worth it!

    Event Page

    Interview with The Ocean Founder Robin Staps


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