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    The New Post-Rock Beauty

    Review von Anne
    31.03.2021 — Lesezeit: 1 min
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    Smyčka is, without a doubt, one of my most beautiful post-rock discoveries of the last weeks. Due to personnel disruptions within the band, it only came out now that they have finished their first album – even though it is already available since February. "Fated" is playing on a continuous loop for me at the moment.

    If you're a fan of Battle Of Mice and Cult Of Luna, Smyčka is definitely a band you should pay attention to. The emotionally charged sound of the group from Moscow gives me goosebumps. Honestly, if more people listened to this music, the world would be a more peaceful place.

    Smyčka inspire with experimental sound

    SmyčkaSmyčka – "Fated"

    Singer Arina manages both perfectly: brutal vocals and clean singing. With their songs, the band wants to turn the concept of Franz Kafka's stories into music. The experimental approach produces a harmonious interplay of post-rock, dark jazz and metal – rounded off by playful sound baths and Arina's characteristic vocals that fill the heart.

    "Fated" is about fatalism and tragic fate. According to Smyčka, the songs revolve around fear, helplessness and desperate resistance against predetermined fate. Phases of calm alternate with aggressive parts. Desperate cries and moments of resignation – one might think. But hope is not neglected on this album either. There are always little sunrises between all the gloom, and well-considered highlights flash up to keep you captivated while listening – pure fascination on my side.

    The band reports:

    "These tracks have a reference to the short prose of Franz Kafka. The main idea behind it, however, is the collision with circumstances. Sometimes the protagonist can be physically defeated: In 'Fated', 'Betrayed' and 'Torn', death becomes the end. Sometimes, he is the personified tragedy: 'Mut(at)ed' describes a personality destroyed by fear and lies."

    With their crazy good debut album, Smyčka manage to balance hardness and playfulness, dream and reality, creating something entirely new: A world of darkness and light with deep glimpses into a Kafkaesque nightmare.

    Smyčka live @ Les || Holod fest

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