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    Chris Hunt On Merigold Independent

    Samuel Laubscher Starts New Record Label

    Review von Anne
    06.08.2020 — Lesezeit: 1 min
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    At the moment one musical sensation is following after the next. Yesterday Sam from Of The Vine contacted me. "I've just launched my record label Merigold Independent. Would you like to introduce the new Chris Hunt album? It will be released tomorrow!"

    For me, this was an offer I couldn't refuse under any circumstances! Especially because the music immediately captivated me after the first listening. "Torrent" brings ethereal ambient sounds that won't let you go again.

    A special highlight for collectors of outstanding music: the project is available as a limited version on cassette including writing by contemporary author Germán Sierra.

    "Torrent" by Chris Hunt on cassette

    Dark and dreamy at the same time

    The pre-released song "Suffocation" starts with meditative sound spheres, which rise to dreamy worlds. An alternating bath of gloomy depths and almost majestic-sounding drone sequences.

    Here's a little tip from me: It's definitely worth listening to this piece loud! The video was directed by the visual artist Samantha Garcia.

    Christ Hunt is a filmmaker and musician from Atlanta. With the help of subtle scenarios and textured soundscapes, he accesses the intersection of the existential and aesthetic. In 2016 he released his two gripping debut EPs "Tomb I & II" on Psych Army Records.

    Chris Hunt delivers a creative sound mosaic

    Chris Hunt Merigold Independent"Torrent" by Chris Hunt (Merigold Independent)

    After producing several experimental art films, he released "Carnelian" in 2018. It is an emotional counterpart to "Torrent". Chris recorded his new album outside Atlanta. It came out of the soundtrack session for his new film "The Instrument". The musical work fits together like an artistic mosaic of light and shadow, lightness, and depth. A very special piece of music for all those, who appreciate good ambient tunes.

    Stay tuned! I will present to you the next project of Merigold Independent soon. It's a strong piece of Experimental New-Wave Drum & synth by none other than The Mars Volta's Deantoni Parks in cooperation with Chris Hunt! So the musical sensations won't stop!

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    You can order Chris Hunt's album "Torrent" on his Bandcamp page.

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